Hoogle Poogle Gypsys Oh!

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Who are the Hoogle Poogle Gypsys you may ask. 

We are the seed of a tribe living in ever deepening awareness of freedom, creativity, and flow. 

What this means in practice is that we break through one self-limiting belief only to find ourselves in another self-limiting belief which also must be destroyed to move on, and on and on and on ad infinitum.

We move in ever expanding circles. The last phase has been living in the wilderness with hatchets and fire and shelter. The main lesson we learned from it was that preparation is not doing, and there is no better way to prepare than to live. 

This current phase is looking like living in Eugene, working and loving summer in the city, then sailing off to Hawaii at the end of summer.

We are going to be searching for work within cycling distance of our home, but as our home is mobile, that kinda includes everywhere. 

We are looking for scythe-powered garden work, and mostly simple small carpentry work, doors, windows, tile, stone, and SMALL structure creation of course.

Our rates are most definitely reasonable, all done on a sliding scale, where you pay what you can afford, if we like your project, of course.