Hoogle Poogle Gypsys Oh!

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This Is a project I have been dreaming of for a long time now, and after building the tiny house, I am no longer intimidated by it.

I was wanting to make something light weight, which could be collapsed for less wind resistance at highway speeds. 

I have done extensive research and found many fine bow-top caravans, but none collapsable. 

Luckily having a canvas top makes it easy to take such a design and hinge the  two end walls, stretching the canvas between the two and keeping the two apart with a rod. 

This has been built and is in the final stages of testing, involving living in it for a couple months in The City.

The basic design is modeled on this bow-top made in the UK, a video of which is embeded from YouTube below.....

This is the model I made while in England this summer....

It will have a little wood stove, sink, a couple cabinets, maybe a removable couch, and a bed across the back with storage underneath. 

The sides will be 1 inch tongue and groove up to the height of the bed, the end walls will be tongue and groove all the way up, and waterproof canvas will be stretched tightly between them. The end walls will hinge at the level of the bed and sidewalls, giving it a nice low profile when collapsed, but adequate standing room when opened. This design will also remove the need for roof arches and purlins, saving a lot of time in the construction.