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We make all kinds of furniture here out of local and salvaged wood, mostly redwood, cedar, fir, manzanita, madrone, oak, fruit and nut woods. We make stools, tables, chests, spice racks, shelves, chairs, beds, and we can do most anything custom ordered too. Below is a partial list of the things we most likely have in stock....

Play Cabins

These are little redwood cedar and fir playcabins, designed for sitting room only, as we have discovered that children generally preffer small cozy spaces over practical ones, which is I guess why they call it 'play'.

Our standard size is 6 x 3 and 3 feet high at the peak, and we are happy to make other sizes on request. 

These puppies go for $700, with a $200 deposit. Delivery is a possibility within the bay area, but luckily these fit in the back of a small pickup truck, so you can probably come pick it up yourself!

Stump Stools

We make these stools from logs of Fir or Redwood with an electric chain saw. They are super heavy duty, virtually indistructable if kept out of the rain. We either coat them with a natural Urethane made from waste products from the dairy industry, or oil them with linseed/turpentine, depending on your prefference. 

A set of two small stools (about ten inches diameter) and one table (about 16 inch diameter) is $100, with a $50 deposit below. 

Contact us for other sizes or quantities.

Dog house

These are made of redwood and cedar and are 2 feet by 3 feet and about a foot and a half high at the peak. They can house a small to medium dog, and with the addition of an optional door, a few ducks or chickens. 

$75 with $30 deposit.

With latching door - $100 and same deposit.

Shelves/Spice racks

These are made from old growth redwood cut to fit around twisted Manzanita branches. each one is unique or course, but we have a variety of pieces available at the moment.

$50 - 80

Slab Benches

These little benches are made from redwood slabs, the first cut off a large tree at our local steam powered sawmill. The legs and cross peices are fir trees from our property, joined in a similar way to how such furniture was made by our pioneer ancesters...

3 foot long - $60

4 foot - $80

5 foot - $100

Deposit is $30 for any size, as below.