Hoogle Poogle Gypsys Oh!

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Tiny Houses/Caravans/Mobile saunas

Tiny houses are becoming very popular, and for the following good reasons...

Mobile structures are exempt from building codes and planning permission, saving a lot of money and a lot of hassle.

Because they are built in our workshop instead of on-site, the whole process is streamlined and much more efficient, allowing us to create beautiful handcrafted structures  at the cost of mass-produced boxes.

The first one we have completed measures 6 x 10 feet, and is based on a simple redwood and cedar cabin design which I think is very at home on the west coast. 

Other sizes and designs are being developed as I write this, a bow-top (canvas covered) tube shaped gypsy caravan, or bardo being one of them. 

We do custom work too, which is more logical as it allows us to design it to your unique needs and specifications. 

Size wise,