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Tipi (or teepee) poles

We make sets of tipi poles, for tipis from 8 foot up to 30+ footers. 

Allthough all tipis are based on the same basic design, some manufacturers  have their own specifications for pole length and girth at the height where they are tied, so it is wise to ask the people you bought it from what their specifications are. 

If you don't know who your tipi was made by or what their specifications are (or if they even have any! here are the sizes we make our poles for different sized tipis:

12 foot tipi - 13 poles, 16 foot long, $240 a set, or $25 a pole.

14 foot tipi - 13 poles, 18 foot long, $290 a set, or $28 a pole.

16 foot tipi - 13 poles, 20 foot long, $350 a set, or $30 a pole.

18 foot tipi - 16 poles, 24 feet long, $400 a set, or $35 a pole.

20 foot tipi - 16 poles, 27 feet long, $460 a set, or $35 a pole. 

22 to 26 foot tipi - 19 poles, 28 - 32 feet long, $570 a set, $35 a pole. 

The width of poles where they are tied is about one and half inches, thinner for tipis smaller than 16 feet and 2 inches for larger tipis. 

The poles are skinned, de-knotted and then dried. They are usable as they are, but to help drips run the whole way down the poles they should be sanded with a medium grit paper, and oiled with a half boiled linseed oil half turpentine solution. 

I use as my refference the Tipis made by Nomadic Tipi Makers in Bend OR. 

Their site is here:

We make our sets of poles as ordered, aiming for a two week turn-around, in the order in which down payments are recieved. 

Delivery within the Bay Area is a possibility, ranging from $5o for a local delivery or a dollar a mile for the greater Bay Area.